Xi Rho Zeta Sorority

Our Sisters

The Sisters!

Mika "Peeps"
(Crossed Spring 2000)

Shirisha "Sci Fi"
(Crossed Fall 2001)

Rachel "Tweety"
(Crossed Spring 2002)

Jennifer "Bumblebee"
(Crossed Fall 2002)

Ruza "Butterfly... aka Butterball"
(Crossed Fall 2002)

Ati "Poi"
(Crossed Fall 2002)

Naomi "Lost and Found"
(Crossed Spring 2003)

Rachael "Chu Chu"
(Crossed Fall 2003)

Amber "Dorey"
(Crossed Spring 2004)

Susan "Pickles"
(Crossed Fall 2004)

Dani "Search & Rescue"
(Crossed Fall 2004)

Kelly "Pot O' Gold"
(Crossed Fall 2004)

Yvonne "Chibi-Usa"
(Crossed Fall 2004)



President: Naomi

Vice-President: Ruza

Treasurer: Jennifer and Rachel

Secretary: Rachael

Mistress of Ceremonies: Rachael

Historian: Jennifer

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