Xi Rho Zeta Sorority

Who We Are


Our Sorority

Xi Rho Zeta Sorority was established by thirteen young women on the Salem International University (formerly Salem-Teikyo)campus in the Autumn of 1994.


Our Mission

Those thirteen young women wanted to enrich, empower, and edify the lives of the young women of the Salem International University campus. They strove to exhibit the goals of pride, maturity, and sincerity. The Xi Rho Zeta sisters of today work beyond the campus. The sisters support the Adam Walsh Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Mountain AIDS Network, and the Leukemia Society of America

Furthermore, Our Sisters are not afraid to be leaders. In the past, our sisters have held various leadership positions in other organizations, in student government, and in residence life. To be a Xi Rho Zeta Sister is to be a leader.

Xi Rho Zeta Basics:


Our Location: Salem International University Campus in Salem, West Virginia

Our Colors: Purple and Grey

Our Flower: The Sterling Silver Rose

Our Advisors: Jen Ford and Marsha

We stand for Pride, Maturity, and Sincerity

We seek to Enrich, to Empower, and to Edify the lives of young women

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