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Hey Rho! The Xi Rho Zeta Sorority Magazine
Interview with Jennie!!!

Jennie speaking at graduation

An interview with Jennie as she takes a look back on her four years as a sister!!

Question: Where are you from?
North Ridgeville, Ohio
Question: What was your major at Salem International University?
I graduated Magan Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Question: How long have you been a sister of Xi Rho Zeta?
I was a sister for four years. I was the historian my sophomore year, Vice President and President my junior year, and President my Senior year.
Question: Why did you join a sorority?
I wanted to be active in campus life and I realized that most of the young women active in campus life were in sororities. 
Question: Why did you choose to join Xi Rho Zeta?
I had looked at the other sororities and decided Xi Rho Zeta was right for me. I really liked the girls and the fact there were a lot of international students in our sorority.


Question: What is your favorite sister memory?
Hmm... I would have to say the Greek Week Lipsyncs. I really enjoy being infront of everyone. I like shocking people mostly. I really liked sophomore year and senior year the most. Also, the jalepeno eating contest for Greek Week. I kicked the other sororities and fraternities butts.  I also love rookie initiation night when the girls first begin pledging. I remember back to when I started pledging and how I didn't know what to expect. Also, I liked the improv sister get togethers. For example, watching and dancing and singing along to the Smap concert DVD in the girls dorm lobby.
Question: What makes Xi Rho Zeta Special?
Well, I think it is the enthusiasm. I just hope the girls never lose that. It is so important.
Question: What advice do you have for new sisters?
BE YOURSELF. Second, BE ACTIVE--don't wait for the president to do things. The sorority is only as good as its least active active sister.  Don't be afraid to stand out. Remember... you are sisters. You are blood. Let noone or nothing come between that. Most of all, think about who you are letting into the sisterhood. Remember, this young lady will be your sister for the rest of your life.
Question: What is your goal for Xi Rho Zeta?
Well, I did accomplish my personal goals for Xi Rho Zeta--it is still strong on the SIU campus. But, for the future I would like to see true, definite leaders arise from the sorority. I would like the alumni to feel a sense of pride and keep in contact with the sorority. We have sisters all over the globe. We should all be proud to say we are sisters of Xi Rho Zeta.

Xi Rho Zeta Sorority. Be a leader. Be a sister.