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Sorority Life

What are the benefits to joining a sorority?

I never thought I was going to join a sorority. Moreover, I never thought I was going to be president of a sorority. When I graduated high school, I held the perception that sorority girls were the easy girls of campus. You know, those girls at the bars until closing time every weekend and at the fraternity house every night. However, when I arrived on campus my perception quickly changed. I noticed that the sorority girls were the leaders of the campus. Many were members of student government, in residence life, and all were active members of the campus community.

The young women of the sororities were not copies of each other. Each sister posessed something unique and contributed that to the sorority. I had many sororities to choose from, but I chose Xi Rho Zeta. Why? It felt right. I can't explain it. I knew that this was the organization that I wanted to join. I felt a connection with the sisters and I wanted to be a part of the Xi Rho Zeta Sisterhood. I liked the diversity of the sisters and the openess.

I am proud I am a sister of Xi Rho Zeta. So, be a leader. Be a sister.


This article contributed by Jennie Gerres.

Be a leader. Be a sister.